Challenging projects regularly push you to the limit and beyond.
Fortunately, SONUS technologies reveal a world of extended possibilities. With the technological building blocks SONUS’ vision and experience have created, together we’ll rethink the very principles of accepted audio reproduction. Armed with the information presented on this website, you’re now invited to explore special SONUS methods and procedures. Together we’ll catalyze
superior communication with a valueadding synthesis of standard equipment and SONUS technologies.

Clearly, SONUS isn’t just a think tank or manufacturer. SONUS finally presents the ingredients needed to solve what had been unsolvable needs. With SONUS you can finally think the unthinkable.

An example of this is depicted on the right: A SONUS NOVASON panel, the only professional electrostatic transducer available.
Superior Sound, unbeatable precision coverage, high SPL and live-sound ruggedness combined to a product which has solution capabilities that were unimagable until now.
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