SONUS Technologies. Come with us.

With our proprietary technologies, SONUS presents audio solutions with unique features that create perfect audio in today’s environments.

  • The innovative SONUS Pipeline incorporates a special longitudinal dynamic drive transducer that creates a remarkably consistent soundfield across a wide frequency range. To compliment fine interiors, Pipeline’s modular cylindrical housing comes with many options. Designers may choose from an enormous selection of finishes, textures, colors, and sizes. With such a broad feature set, Pipeline evolves the commercial loudspeaker system from utility sound problem to architectural audio excellence.

  • Next, the SONUS ZX-Line transducer series optimized the magnetostatic or planar-magnetic, thin-film line-source transducer for professional applications. ZX-Line means premium, highly configurable audiophile sound and true line-source radiation characteristics for many spaces. ZX-Line systems bring line-source performance and custom-tailored sonic coverage solutions to spaces where complex line-array systems are obtrusive or cost-prohibitive.

  • Finally, the speciality audio transducer called the electrostatic transducer has traditionally delivered the most pristine and natural sound known to all of audio, yet did so with below-average sensitivity, durability, and loudness. By recreating the electrost transducer, SONUS Novason delivers spectacular new audio performance. SONUS Novason is the perfect choice for venues where ultimate fidelity must be accomplished with high sound pressure levels.

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