SONUS exclusive procedures ( Excerpt )

SONUS aCouro employs expert psychoacoustic studies and principles to electroacoustically condition large venues. With aCouro, you design a clean acoustical slate against which focussed, reproduced events are highlighted. By stripping extraneous noise,well-being in the workplace is enhanced, privacy is restored, and efficiency is enhanced. One of the aCouro conditioning’s many follow-on procedures might be either the SONUS AudioFocus (directional speaker, sound-shower) or AudioScape technologies… or both together, even running in tandem. AudioFocus illuminates a localized “foot print” area in sound, concentrating directional sound as a focussed acoustical beam only where it’s needed (sound shower) while leaving adjoining spaces undisturbed.AudioScape washes multiple acoustical corridors of fixed widths in the same open space with completely intelligible in- information and minimal spillover, all enabled within the overall aCouro system.

Our emerging information society hosts a globalized economic community that needs integrated communications to interconnect its human resources.
SONUS i-conference provides a plan to fill this need regionally,
nationally, or globally. i-conference represents instant
intelligent communication,intense conferencing, and interactivity across an international network.

SONUS has the vision and experience to create the solutions that address entirely new possibilities. Talk to us. We’ll change the way you think about complex acoustical problems and together we’ll solve them.
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