What does SONUS do? Since 1992, SONUS has captivated audiences with world-class audio performance. We have comprehensive experience in the most rigorous audio fields possible.

In all cases, and regardless of the challenges of each unique environment, SONUS solutions recreate audio performance as close as possible to the original, in other words with complete authenticity.

Today, SONUS works with you closely to address the needs of demanding corporate, institutional, and private clientele.

Our international webpages are your guide to innovative audio solutions:

SONUS creates state-of-the-art audio performance in every audio category in our field.

SONUS solutions are uniquely customizable, and enable architectural and visual design options unmatched elsewhere.

SONUS systems address public venues, corporate sites, institutions and sophisticated private environment

directional speaker multiTrace

With the audiofocus®-technology sonic effects are aimed on a point by a diretctional loudspeaker(sound-shower). This obtains best audibility and sonorous stereo-reproductionin in sonic-stressed areas with keeping the discretion for the receiver of the informations at the same time.
directional speaker (sound shower) audioFocus

directional speaker
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