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SONUS®’ vision, experience, and solutions were synonymous with the original SONUS® ZX-Line loudspeaker transducer technology revolution. From the date of its introduction in the mid 90’s, ZXLine’s advantages over conventional loudspeaker technologies were immediate and many:

• Non-moving-coil “planar-magnetic” technology principle meant very high fidelity sound and an even, non-reactive amplifier load
• ZX-101 “line-source” operating principle naturally created wide directivity across the short axis, and highly confined directivity within the long axis
• The line-source loudspeaker attenuates sound pressure over distance at only half the rate of a conventional speaker
• Used horizontally, the line-souce creates a unique “traveling sound source” and issues an apparent sonic location exactly where the listener becomes perpendicular to the line
• ZX-101 had a wide frequency response, which simplified design, enhanced acoustic transparency, and maintained it’s advantages over a large band width
• ZX-101 modularity meant the ability to create line source loudspeakers of enormous length, including the SONUS® Reichstag installation, the world’s largest continuous loudspeaker

Today, an all-new SONUS® ZX-101 reflects yet another significant evolution for the SONUS® professional line-source loudspeaker system:
• Enormous increase in sensitivity of six full decibels
• At 23mm, the new ZX-101 emitting diaphragm is slimmer, improving dispersion on the short axis
• All-new, printed and optimized Kapton®-Aluminum laminated diaphragm is electrically more powerful and reliable
• Serviceable cartridge replacement diaphragm reduces operating cost, greatly improves client satisfaction, and frees dealer/installer time
• All-new, extremely warp resistant, heavy-gauge steel shell improves durability
• New sandwiched chassis / diaphragm design resists high temperatures better
• Inactive chassis edge margins are reduced to only 25mm, improving acoustical density in arrays
• Improved modularity aids array design flexibility

The new SONUS® ZX-101 improves on the already famous SONUS® professional line-source loudspeaker technology in every way.

SONUS®’ vision and experience have again ushered in a new world of exciting solutions for advanced professional sound.
PDF SONUS® ZX 101 data sheet (552KB)
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