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It‘s unusual to find a compact loudspeaker built to TUBO‘s standard, if one even exists: New TUBO Compact Commercial Design Loudspeakers combine attractive, contemporary form with premium architectural materials like aluminum and stainless steel while state-of-the-art internal SONUS® loudspeaker technologies ensure best acoustical performance. Top-level style and entirely natural speech and music reproduction were primary developmental goals for TUBO and it shows.

TUBO‘s high performance internal fullrange drivers were specially developed by SONUS® and then joined with acoustically-optimized enclosures based on the simple geometric forms of circle, cylinder, rectangle, and cuboid. Since SONUS® demanded such high acoustical performance from TUBO‘s stylish, easy-to-place design, SONUS® then developed a precisely tuned state-of-the-art FIR filter technology (optional) in order to achieve pure, natural speech and music reproduction.

For best architectural appearance, TUBO comes in a variety of colors and finish options to provide unparalleled options for interieor designers and architects. TUBO takes high acoustical performance to high design.

If higher sound pressure levels and extended low frequency reproduction are required, the SONUS® VERSA series subwoofer adds impressive deep, natural bass to TUBO without compromising looks.

Installation of SONUS® TUBO couldn‘t be easier. A careful designed range of accessories are available with practical details such as hidden cable entries within the stylish wall mounts, special floor stands for quick mounting and hidden signal feed eliminate distracting visible cables.

The new TUBO and VERSA speaker system guarantee an “ultra-fi” experience, and the integral design approach combining form, finish options, and electroacoustical function completes this premium auditory and visual experience.
PDF SONUS® TUBO data sheet (429KB)
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