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• Compact, powerful line source
• High sound pressure level
• Precise vertical directivity
• Patented design
• Scalable length
• Servicable cartridge replacement
• Multiple accessories
• Variable fixing options
• Low extension in same profile enclosure available
• Engineered and manufactured in Germany

Since highly regarded introduction in 2004 SONUS ZX 101 magnetostatic line source transducers have been lounched in numerous international projects as unique tool for highly demanding acoustic topics.
Whether top class trade fair appearence or challenging theatre production or complex multi media installation, these systems always provide perfect speech intelligibility and sound quality combined with unobstrusive appearance.

By now ready-to-use complete systems are finally available based on this groundbreaking transducer technology. You can get an all-purpose acoustic tool which enables flexible reacting to the most varying tasks.

Strictly magnetostatic equipped ZX-Line 100 S up to ZX-Line 500 S models are completed by fullrange model ZX-200 FR with integrated dynamic low frequency extension. This type offers sufficient low frequency response for many applications without using bulky external subwoofers. This offers unique possibilities concerning architectural integration of audio systems.
PDF SONUS® ZX Line data sheet (393KB)
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