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SONUS® Pipeline 2N
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Compact Line Array

With the new generation Pipeline, SONUS have combined the latest in transducer technology, in a super-compact package, with an innovative, digital controller design, to produce a system with superb acoustic output and the best-possible dispersion control.

Pipeline 2N speaker systems work as line sources and make defined, controllable, cylindrical sound-fields. The correct use of this remarkable technology solves many acoustical problems

High-power transducers, with lightweight neodymium motors, combine with carefully-designed digital control pre-sets to enable near-perfect control of coverage, both horizontally and vertically.
SONUS® Dual-Q and Dual-FR - precisely-specified, digital controller modules - create imaginative additi­onal options for the Pipeline 2N speakers. These algorithms allow the user to switch between long throw and near-field coverage, and to select the best settings for speech or music.

Versatility is another feature of the SONUS® Pipeline 2N.

Exceptional audio, combined with a stylish look, makes the Pipeline 2N the perfect choice, not only for speech or background music, but also for prestigious live music events. Great-looking, new, subwoofer designs complete the system for this kind of application and provide extended bass as well as doubling as attractive floor stands.

SONUS® Pipeline 2N modules are compatible with the existing range of Pipeline accessories like our wall-mounts, connections kit, floor stands, blank modules and functional modules.

The SONUS® Pipeline 2N gives the designer and user access to a complete range of technical and mechanical options for a commercially-designed speaker range.

SONUS® Pipeline 2N systems are available with a comprehensive selection of finish options – for easy integration with a variety of interior designs.

All SONUS® Pipeline products are affordable and fully-customizable on client request.
PDF SONUS® Pipeline 2N data sheet (178KB)
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