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SONUS® audioTrace™
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Directional loudspeaker for focused sound reproduction

is especially
suitable for:
• Digital Signage
• POI / POS applications
• Information terminals
• Dedicated Transducer Array employing digi­tal Filters, for focused sound
reproduction (10° horizontal beam)
and wide frequency response
• Adjustable Line Input
• Virtual Subsonic Extension
• Pre-sets for speech or music
• Durable powder coated aluminium
enclosure with SONUS’ variable mode damping technology

SONUS® audioTrace™ is a plug and play, powered loudspeaker which is perfect for any application requiring multiple, discrete high-quality sound fields within the same architectural space.
audioTrace Model 1’s ultra-slim profile is available in a wide range of standard widths, and so integrates seamlessly and unobtrusively with a wide variety of the latest multimedia devices and can be attached easily to displays.
audioTrace Model 1 combines the latest audio filters with an innovative transducer design to create super-narrow (10 degrees) horizontal dispersion but with wide vertical coverage. Low frequency response is enhanced using proprietary psycho-acoustic algorithms. This “virtual bass” gives the listener the same impact and warm feeling as “conventional bass” but allows unpre­cedented control over where the sound is directed.
The result is an almost-invisible audio source of superb sound quality which can be precisely focused. So, even with multiple screens in close proximity, each individual audio message will be associated with the desired visual source.

• Frequency range: 150 Hz - 10 kHz
• max. SPL: 95 dBa
• Selectable directivity („Dual Q“)
PDF SONUS® audioTrace™ data sheet (174KB)
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